YouTube: Celebrating with an evening of Play.

YouTube is the world’s leading video-sharing platform, allowing billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos.

We delivered a unique event which brought together YouTube’s most prestigious channel partners for an evening of retro-themed Play, to celebrate the coming together of the world’s leading digital minds in London.

Hosted at London’s iconic Skylon in Royal Festival Hall, we created an event identity inspired by the iconic YouTube Play button, which was developed into a playful, retro look and feel and applied across a large-scale, immersive environment.

"For the time being at least, YouTube feels like our secret: We know that YouTube is a hub of raw untethered talent; a place we can engage, experiment and create in a way that TV - whatever that is - can only dream of." (The Guardian)

"For the growing number of creators who play in the YouTube sandbox, the opportunity to build a new kind of media empire is tantalising." (Fortune)

"YouTube Live made it possible for more than 187,000 Barca fans around the world to enjoy Neymar's presentation in real time." (FC Barcelona)