Stance: Launching America's coolest socks into Europe.

Stance is possibly the world’s coolest brand of socks, having sold 40m colourful pairs since it was founded in 2009. Based in San Clemente, California, Stance is the official sock of the NBA and MLB.

Following its entry into the European market, we helped define new territories in which to translate the brand’s American success and demonstrate its socks’ creativity and versatility. With a deep focus on the retail experience, we designed and delivered a series of stand-out pop-ups in Berlin Florence and London.

Developing a visual world which evoked Stance’s unique brand of raw, urban cool, we created immersive experience using innovative materials in muted tones, to allow the bold and powerful colours of the product to stand-out and take centre stage.

Stance is the intersection of lifestyle and performance. First we start with passion. Fashion, surfing, music, basketball or art. The activity doesn't matter, but the lifestyle does.

From a city's street to your own thoughts, nothing is the same when taken in stride. Each mile is an opportunity for discovery, as well as expression.

A movement of originality that knits us together. The bond of freedom and a commitment to challenge convention.