Ombra Di Pantera: Building Ibiza's first ever Prosecco bar.

Ombra Di Pantera aims to capitalise on a fragmented market by offering a recognisable brand of the finest quality Prosecco.

Following the creation of the Ombra Di Pantera brand, we identified Ibiza as its perfect launchpad, due to its access to an aspirational part-set and the opportunity to activate in a range of venue types within a compact geography. As part of its activation on the island, we opened a partnership with iconic Ibiza hotel, Es Vivé.

With spectacular views of Ibiza’s southeastern coast, we created an immersive rooftop experience at Ibiza’s first ever Prosecco bar, supported by a stylishly-branded, chauffeur-driven Maserati for VIP transfers.

Ombra Di Pantera has been developed to accompany celebration, with a finely balanced taste that complements a lifestyle of enjoyment.

This summer, we partnered with some of Ibiza’s most inspiring venues in creating unique ways to be immersed in the Ombra Di Pantera lifestyle.

Hotel Es Vive is an Ibizan institution: Upon stepping inside, you're met with tropical palms, brilliant white walls, an inviting pool and the chilled out ambient beats of a poolside DJ.