Ombra Di Pantera: Creating the Prosecco brand of choice.

Ombra Di Pantera aims to capitalise on a fragmented market by offering a recognisable brand of the finest quality Prosecco. With Prosecco sales now exceeding those of Champagne in the UK, Ombra Di Pantera is seeking to premiumise the category as its brand of choice.

Prosecco has a rich, unique heritage which stretches back to the Roman wines of antiquity. We sought to tell this story through the creation of the Ombra Di Pantera brand, by celebrating the traditional heritage and craftsmanship of Venetian viticulture to deliver an authentic, exclusive Prosecco experience which embodies the seductive elegance of Italian luxury.

From devising a name which evokes the traditions of northeast Italy and building an essence of luxury and craft, to designing the iconic bottle and activating the brand through a campaign which calls on connoisseurs to Step out of the Shadow, we have brought to life the fabled history of Prosecco through a 21st century lens.

Ombra Di Pantera Prosecco is exclusively DOCG, crafted with the finest Glera grapes from its delicately cultivated Conegliano vineyard to embody the seductive elegance of Italian luxury.

Ancient traders in Venice’s Piazza San Marco would follow the shadow of the Campanile to prevent their wine from getting warm, and the Venetian expression, ‘Ombra de Vin’, meaning ‘Wine’s Shadow’, can still be heard when Prosecco is ordered in its original heartland.

STEP OUT OF THE SHADOW encapsulates the essence of Ombra Di Pantera, by expressing its vision to emerge as the Prosecco brand of choice, and the spirit of those who seek wine which reflects their connoisseurship.

Within the Prosecco-producing region of northeast Italy, only vineyards between the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene are afforded DOCG status, where winemaking methods have been refined over a thousand years and the vertiginous hills require harvesting by hand.