Laurent-Perrier: Constructing immersive hospitality environments.

The house of Laurent-Perrier was founded in 1812 and is among the world’s most renowned and best-selling independent Champagne brands.

With a proud tradition of craft and luxury, we have supported Laurent-Perrier across a range of hospitality in the UK: its original and largest export market. As part of a commitment to provide discerning consumers with a fully-immersive brand experience, we have created premium hospitality environments in venues across the country, including Wembley Stadium and Sadler’s Wells in London; Matter at The O2, The Cube and Symphony Hall in Birmingham, and Spitbank Fort in the Solent.

Within each environment, we have brought to life the story of Laurent-Perrier products through a look and feel which evokes the unique style and experience of each wine.

Passion, creative boldness, free spirit and elegance through simplicity are the founding values of Laurent-Perrier.

Laurent-Perrier shares an epicurean vision with Champagne lovers all over the world and has no higher ambition than to demonstrate an elegant Art de Vivre à la Française, charged with emotion.