Huawei: Partnering for success with a technology giant.

Huawei’s products are deployed in over 170 countries and serve one third of the world’s population. Having established one of the world’s leading carrier infrastructures, Huawei has entered the consumer market following the release of a range innovative smartphones, PCs, tablets and wearables.

To celebrate Huawei’s spectacular growth in the UK following a visit by Chinese premier, Xi Jinping, to its headquarters in London, we were invited to deliver a convention of UK partners, hosted by its UK CEO, Gordon Luo.

With over 200 people in attendance arriving from over 20 countries, we were commissioned to create a premium event which seamlessly combined the focused nature of Huawei’s business and governmental relationships with a celebration of its achievements.

Huawei is building a better connected world in an exciting age of intelligence, where progress moves at the speed of imagination.

Barriers and boundaries are broken down between technologies, countries, businesses and industries. When we are united, we can build a better connected world.