Chelsea FC: Inspiring a new visual direction at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea FC, currently the seventh most valuable football club in the world, is the only English club to have won all four European trophies, and the only London club to have won the UEFA Champions League.

We were tasked with inspiring a new creative direction at Stamford Bridge, its home since 1905, aimed at improving wayfinding on match days, developing the ground’s aesthetic for non-match day fans and creating feature installations which would increase engagement, dwell-time and social sharing, within a new visual architecture.

Our approach was inspired by Chelsea FC’s crowning glory: the penalty shootout win against FC Bayern München in the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final. We plotted the trajectories of each converted penalty into an angular framework which we developed into a bold and cohesive aesthetic throughout Stamford Bridge, including a new typographical hierarchy. This was applied through a versatile palette of tactile materials and complemented by a series of iconic installations which provide social currency for fans to share online.

Performance: Through effective branding which improves the experience and premium design which elevates the aesthetic.

Community: By establishing a deeper emotive connection with fans through Stamford Bridge.

Innovation: Through the use of interactive elements which engage and facilitate sharing.