Carabao: Activating a multi-functional hospitality space.

Carabao is a leading energy drink from Thailand, and recently signed a three-year sponsorship with Chelsea FC as its training partner.

As part of Carabao’s activation of the partnership, we were tasked with creating an immersive hospitality environment the home of Chelsea FC. In addition to match days, the space is used as a product showcase throughout the year, and provides a spectacular view onto the Stamford Bridge pitch.

Our design approach was to weave Carabao’s Thai heritage into a visually striking 21st century aesthetic, with an elegant use of traditional Asian woods and florals juxtaposed with neon features and bold, textured wall graphics which evoke its energetic personality.

When our fire burns dimly our sprit's not gone, though our spark doesn't sparkle. We fight on. Our resolve might be shaken right down to the core, but we rise not fall.